Friday, 28 April 2017

Netherlands - Stamp code

In 2014 PostNL introduced the Stamp code, a stamp in the form of a 9-digit code which you can buy direct with your mobile phone or on the website. At the start the stamp code was more expensive than a normal stamp and only available for letters up to 20 gr. Now stamp codes are available for all national and international parcels and even for registered letters at the price of a normal stamp. After buying the stamp code you have five days to post your letter or parcel.

I ordered and paid for the stamp code with my mobile phone and posted my letter the next day. The stamp code does not get a cancellation at the sorting centre, but the machine code on the envelope shows that it was put through the normal post system.

Information on the Stamp code on the website of PostNL (in Dutch only):

Date sent: 24 April 2017
Date postmark: no postmark
Date received: 25 April 2017
Number of days: 1
Envelope in collection: 11

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