Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Germany - Zugspitze

Our neighbours Germany issue a lot of special cancellations each year. There are also some, although few, permanent postmarks. On 8 April 2017 a permanent pictorial postmark was issued for the Zugspitze. The postmark will be put on mail that is put into the mailbox on the mountain. Apparently it is not possible to send requests for a postmark to the Zugspitze. At the Sonderstempelstelle in Weiden collectors could get their mail postmarked for 28 days, but only with the first day of use.

The Zugspitze at 2.962 m above sea level, is the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains as well as the highest mountain in Germany. It lies south of the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and the border between Germany and Austria runs over its western summit. South of the mountain is the Zugspitzplatt, a high karst plateau with numerous caves. On the flanks of the Zugspitze are three glaciers, including the two largest in Germany: the Northern Schneeferner with an area of 30,7 hectares and the Höllentalferner with an area of 24,7 hectares. The third is the Southern Schneeferner which covers 8,4 hectares.

Since 1851 there has been a summit cross on the top of Zugspitze. The driving force behind the erection of a cross on the summit was the priest, Christoph Ott. This cross is featured prominently in the postmark.

For this postmark I used the normal 90 cent definitive from the flower series.

The website of Zugspitze with information about holidays, accommodations, sports (choose from twenty languages):

Date sent: 18 April 2017
Date postmark: 8 April 2017
Date received: 4 May 2017
Number of days: 16
Envelope in collection: 29

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