Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Germany - Berlin 100 - Deutscher Bundestag

One of the German permanent pictorial postmarks I found is used in the Deutscher Bundestag, the German federal parliament. This used to be in Bonn, but after the reunification of West Germany and East Germany it was decided that parliament would return to Berlin. On 2 August 1999 the Bundestag started work in Berlin.

The Deutsche Post erected a new post office branch 10117 Berlin 100 in a building on the corner of Wilhelmstraße and Dorotheenstraße that was not open to the general public. As with previous post offices near the Bundestag in Bonn a special pictorial postmark was put in place. The new postmark features the Reichstag building where parliament sits.

The Deutsche Post website shows a small selling point in the Wilhelmstraße as part of the ParlamentsBuchhandlung (Parliament Bookshop). It sells stamps but it is not possible to send mail from there. The post office Berlin 100 is not listed officially. The postmark can be obtained by writing to the Sonderstempelstelle in Berlin.

For this postmark I used the normal 90 cent definitive from the flower series.

Date sent: 20 April 2017
Date postmark: 27 April 2017
Date received: 3 May 2017
Number of days: 13
Envelope in collection: 27

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